The kids have both had their well visit exams recently. Evvie’s was her 9 month check up and Griffin’s was his Three Year. Both went really well… for the most part!

Evvie is about 29″ long and 17 pounds. This puts her in the 90th percentile for height and 30th for weight. Her doctor wasn’t worried about her weight per se… she’s eating and growing normally, and she doesn’t look “skinny”. But she was previously in the 50th percentile for weight, so they want to see her again in a few weeks. Lots of kids thin out between 6-12 months because they hit a growth spurt (and Evvie IS tall) so they just want to make sure she’s following her own growth curve and isn’t plateauing. She’s exactly where she needs to be developmentally though! She’s pulling herself up and trying to take steps, she’s eating all kinds of new foods, she has SIX teeth, she’s clapping and waving, and is even saying mama & dada (even if she isn’t completely clear on what they mean!)

Unfortunately, she’s been home sick with me for the past two days. Apparently it started with minor tummy troubles at school on Wednesday, but I haven’t seen any sign of that. She’s just had a really low grade fever & has been more interested in snuggling than playing. I’m not too worried- I’m wondering if it’s just all these teeth that are coming in!

Griffin is 3 ft 2in and 32 pounds. That means he’s in the 52nd percentile for height and 54th for weight- completely average! Not a bad place to be! It also means that all of his evil picky food avoidance at home is not killing him like I imagined. He got one vaccination and didn’t even make a peep. He just goes “the doctor gave me an owie. WHY?” Brave kid! The doc & I also talked about his breathing “issues”. He said that since Griffin never wheezes when he’s physically exerted, and the coughing spells are really only during the winter, he doesn’t think we have anything to worry about. Because the coughing DOES seem to show up frequently though and hangs out for a good long time when he does have it, he thinks he might have a really mild case of childhood asthma. Basically, he has no breathing issues unless there is an outside factor (like a virus) that irritates them, and he thinks there is a very large chance that he’ll just grow out of it. It actually makes a lot of sense because I had the same thing as a kid! I grew out of my coughing/ asthma/ allergy issues when I was about 10. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, he was prescribed albuterol & flovent inhalers to use ONLY if he has a bad coughing fit. So I feel WAY better, and more prepared! Whew!

Griff was really good for the doctor *except* for when he first came in. Griffin must have been shy or nervous because he immediately dove under the chairs and hid stubbornly. Nothing I could say or do would convince him to come out, and I was HUGELY embarrassed. But then the doc told me that even though he and his wife are both pediatricians, and are friends with his son’s pediatrician (so his son knows her well), his 4 year old son growled at his doc during his entire last well child exam. So I felt way better! Ha!

Now that Evvie has stopped nursing, I am back on the PCOS diet and all of my supplements. I’ve had a lot more energy already and I’ve lost 1.5″ from my midsection! That is really important for people with PCOS since they tend to carry their weight around their middle. I have also been reading a really interesting book called Anticancer. While he writes about various ways to prevent or slow down cancer, one of the things that has resonated with me the most is his approach to life. He said that most people put off their own happiness and live for the future instead of in the moment. They say things like “oh, life will be easier after this big project” or “we’ll have so much fun when the kids are older”. On the opposite side of the coin, when someone receives a life threatening diagnosis- like cancer- most of the time they realize they need to live in the now. They allow themselves to enjoy the small things, to look forward to things that will happen that day instead of weeks from now, to be happy in the moment. I realized how much of my life I spend rushing to the next thing, feeling stressed out, or looking forward to a nebulous future. But really, I am so very lucky. My life is amazing. And I want to do a much better job about living in the present- without a cancer diagnosis to push me there.


One thought on “Healthy-ish

  1. julie says:

    Hey Jess – I think there are two kind of people in the world – people who plan to enjoy life and people who take advantage of “”now.” Jason is a planner and I'm like – who know what tomorrow brings? If “tomorrow” never comes at least I know I enjoyed life now…I totally get it. This summer solidified it even more. When we planned for Disney Jason didn't want to go when the kids were too young cause he thought they wouldn't remember. My reply, again, we don't know what the future holds, the present is important and even if they don't have specific memories, during this part of their lives we are instilling something in them that will be a part of them. Yes – SLOW DOWN Yes – say no. And, when your kids get older they don't need to be involved in a million things. Sometimes the kids are so busy that we forget to enjoy each other sometimes. SO, we take breaks. We go a season or two where we don't sign up for anything and we just ARE. We just BE! Love you friend!

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