All of the Things

It has been a month since my last post. And in kid time, that’s nearly a millennium, so I know there are things I’m going to forget to write about. This time in our lives is a terrible beauty. A wonderful struggle. On many levels, I’ve never been happier. In other ways, I’m carrying exhaustion and stress I’ve never experienced before. That’s what it’s like to have two small humans. A job I love. A marriage that deserves my attention. A home that requires maintaining. And amidst all of that, trying to find the me that remains, and devoting some time to that as well. It’s not a new struggle by any means. Millions of women do it every day, many much better than I do. But it explains, at least in part, why my time and effort may not go here as much as I’d like. Something just had to give.

So here are some of the things that have been happening lately. The good and the bad.

The Good

  • Griffin is (mostly) potty trained! He wears underpants to school every day which he is FIERCELY proud of.
  • Evvie says “mama” and “dada”- with meaning! Griffin is currently trying to teach her to say “Griff”. That may be awhile.
  • I am in the midst of completely redoing the structure and curriculum for my class, which is very exciting. It will look and feel completely different for this year’s incoming class.
  • I am taking my (NINETY!!!) student Peer Mentors on a retreat to Estes Park at the end of March.
  • Drew has built me a “mini mud room”. I was SUPER sick of not having good shoe storage, and nowhere convenient to hang our coats when we walk in the door. Our “coat closet” was a pain to get into and not organizable. So now we have a storage bench for all of our shoes! We each have a hook to hang two coats on! We will each have a basket to hold the random items I find all around the house. And the top shelf will have baskets for hats, gloves, scarves etc. YAY! 
  • We had a DATE NIGHT!!! We hadn’t been out for an evening without the kids since May, so when Angela & Jacob offered to take us to dinner, we jumped at the chance. My parents watched the kids (and said they were awesome) and we partied downtown until midnight!
  • I’ve been exercising every day! And while I look (and weigh) pretty much the same, I feel like a million bucks. I never realized how much I needed to do it until I started doing it. I have more energy, and I feel better. So worth the time (and sweat).
  • My Christmas present finally arrived! Drew (on behalf of Griffin and Evvie) bought be a gorgeous garnet & diamond eternity band to represent the kids. I wear it between my wedding band & engagement ring. So so so perfect. 

The Bad
  • Griffin still has occasional accidents, and while this is totally normal, they are HORRIBLE and make me for that moment, miss diapers terribly. There is also always constant potty conversation including disagreements about who has to go when. Sigh.
  • Drew and I have both been working A LOT. And we are TIRED. Drew has been working overtime on his day off every week so that things aren’t as tight. And I have had lots of deadlines, projects, and presentations so I’ve been working about 50 hours a week lately. 
  • Griffin has been having some difficulty in school lately. Ever since his new teacher started in December, we get bad news literally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. She’ll walk up to us and with a very grave look on her face tell us how Griffin used his fingers to put the peas on his spoon. Or how he had trouble using his “listening ears” when it was time to stop coloring for the day. I mean, pretty par for the course 3 year old stuff so we always took it with a grain of salt. Then a week or two ago she told us that she is having “serious concerns” about him because he just wouldn’t listen to her at all (even though his other teacher and the director think he’s wonderful). Then yesterday I just got a cryptic note telling me to “please see her about his day”. Of course she hasn’t been around when I’ve been there, so I just signed up for a parent conference. Sigh. 
  • I decided to turn down the paid blogging position. It would have been cool, but like I said- something had to give. Maybe sometime in the future!
  • It is STILL WINTER. And likely will be for another month or two. Blerg.

Overall, things are great. And we’re concentrating a lot on us as a family, which is exactly what we should be doing.


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