E-Days (short for Engineering Days) is an annual tradition at the Colorado School of Mines. For more than 80 years, students have spent 3 days each spring celebrating all things Mines. A bit of debauchery is involved too- it IS a college after all. But our students are such an amazing group of dedicated and respectful people, that this time of year is literally the only time we realize students live in our neighborhood.

Today the family and I headed to campus to take part. The kids both sported their CSM gear, of course:

We watched some students play ultimate frisbee and lacrosse, and we walked around campus. Griffin thought the sports were REALLY cool. Then we went down to Clear Creek for the Cardboard Canoe Race. On the way there, we were talking to Griffin about seeing the boats and one of the students overheard and said “oh- you mean the drowning engineers event?” Well, sort of- but it’s way more fun than that!

We watch cardboard canoe every year and it’s so much fun. Thousands of people line the banks to cheer for the boats as they sail down. Most disintegrate within feet of the start (which is hilarious), but some of the sturdy ones last more than a mile!
Then we listened to a few members of the band play some fun songs- like the Star Wars theme, which Griffin LOVED. The student conducting them actually works in my office and is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met, so it was fun introducing him to the family!

And then, of course, we had typical playground/ chores/ dinner time.
As I type this, I am listening to 3Oh!3 playing live on campus. Apparently they have borrowed Red Rocks’ sound system and the music makes it all the way up to our neighborhood! I will never forget bringing Evvie home from the hospital last year and listening to Awolnation play Sail live from our bedroom. The fireworks will start in about an hour, and Drew and I plan to go watch from the front porch. What a great day.
Just one more little reason I’m in love with my job. The Mines community makes my whole family happy.


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