(G)olden Day

Drew and I both happened to have the day off today. Normally, we would keep the kids home with us for some extra family time, but Griffin actually wanted to go to school. So that means we did something we’ve never done before- we had an entire kidless day of fun! And it. was. AMAZING. We decided that there was so much our own little town of Golden has to offer that we never really get to experience, so we kept it local. Best idea ever!

Our first stop was the Table Mountain Grill for breakfast. It’s part of an awesome little hotel downtown and the food was delicious. I even had a mimosa to celebrate.

After breakfast, we walked down to our favorite coffee place- the Windy Saddle (I actually had a chai).

One of my favorite parts of the day was taking our drinks and walking down to the river. We sat there for more than an hour- enjoying the sun on our faces, the sound of rushing water, and CONNECTING. We actually had a lengthy conversation! A novelty when raising two small kids.

While we sat there talking, we realized there were a few places in Golden we pass by all the time, but we’ve never actually been to! So off we were to remedy that. First stop: The American Mountaineering Museum. This building is SO COOL and just a few blocks away from our house- but we had never stepped foot inside! Apparently it used to be the old high school and they converted it in the 80s. There were lots of awesome exhibits- especially interesting given our location!

this is EXACTLY why I want to take up rock climbing!

On our way to our next destination, we passed the Golden Mill– our local farm & feed store. Since it’s spring, they have chicks in stock again. You guys- THEY HAVE CHICKS. I couldn’t resist taking a look. Drew and I also did a bit more research on the type of coop we’d like to get one day.

Ok, the next stop is crazy exciting. I’ve been wanting to get another tattoo ever since Evvie was born to commemorate both kids, but I kept putting it off. But Drew finally convinced me to talk to his tattoo artist at Faith, and he’s currently designing the art work! I put down a deposit and I’m scheduled to be inked a week from today. I am literally giddy. I can hardly wait! Huge thank you to Drew for working the overtime to make this possible…

After planning my tattoo, we decided to go on a hike. A REAL hike- the kind complete with boulders and ridges and steep drop offs… the kind that would be nearly impossible with kids. So we went up to Windy Saddle Park and took the Beaver Brook trail, which we hadn’t done before. It was incredible- easily the most fun hike I’ve EVER been on. There were parts I literally thought we might die (think sheer ice on a cliff face), but we lived to tell the tail, and boy was it worth it!

boulder field. I guess this was the result of a rock slide a long time ago!

cool giant rock. of course I had to scale it.

ice trail

So after the hike, we were STARVING. We originally wanted to visit one of our local food trucks, but none were around (boo) so we went to the Old Capitol Grill instead. Turned out to be a great decision- we sat outside and enjoyed the weather, people watched, and my sandwich was good too.

After lunch, we stopped to buy Drew an authentic cowboy hat. He’s been wanting one for a while, and we found a really cool one on sale! I think he looks pretty handsome.
Next place on the list was the Astor House museum- another place we constantly pass and never checked out! It was one of the first permanent structures built in Golden and served as a boarding house from the 1860s until the 1970s! They furnished it with period items and art to return it to it’s original grandeur. It was absolutely gorgeous… though, I’ll be honest… felt a bit haunty.

It was after the museum that we rounded the corner to what would be our final stop- the Golden City Brewery
We had JUST finished our beers when daycare called- our darling girl has pinkeye and needed to come home. Given that it was only an hour from when we needed to pick them up anyway, we couldn’t be TOO disappointed. 
poor baby looks like she got into a fight!
We had an absolutely amazing day celebrating and honoring our town and each other. It was a much needed day of relaxation and reconnection, one that we will truly value and remember for years to come- especially since time like that is so rare!

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