RSV is contagious. I worried so much about Evvie catching things from Griffin, but never really stopped to think much about the other way around, even though HE is the one with breathing issues. Evvie is still getting over her illness- but more in the way of a lingering cold. She hasn’t had any concerning symptoms.

Griffin, on the other hand, is SICK. He started coughing Monday afternoon and by Monday evening, he was sleepless and miserable. Drew stayed home with him yesterday and took him to the doctor due to his fever & cough. No surprise, it’s bronchiolitis. They gave him albuterol in a nebulizer & gave us strict instructions on keeping him on that and acetominafin until his fever breaks. Unfortunately, our child is ADAMENT about hating the nebulizer, so that’s been like an MMA match every 4 hours- traumatizing for all of us.

He had another sleepless night last night and I stayed home with him today. Of course my child comes first, but I also had an important day planned with several time sensitive meetings. It is awful to feel stressed over the balance between work and home.

While the fever and cough are still hanging in there, it doesn’t seem like any trips to the hospital are imminent (knock on wood). In the meantime, he is moody and lethargic and not interested in eating (which, of course, is all hugely stressful). My hope is that it clears up enough overnight so that he’s back to his old self tomorrow- but as we’ve seen several times now, this is a virus that hangs around. Sigh.


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