(P)arenthood through Art

Every night for the past three years, I sing my children lullabies before they fall asleep. While this may occasionally vary, the one I sing more often than not is Blackbird by the Beatles.

Griffin knows this is “mommy’s song” and will request it when he’s feeling sad or scared. It makes him feel comfortable and protected, and for that I am grateful. I hope that Evvie grows to have such positive associations with it as well.

On Tuesday I went and had my tattoo done. Each of my tattoos is symbolic for me, but this one was exponentially more meaningful- it represents my children. A blackbird.

Drew brought Griffin and Evvie to the shop while I was having it done (it is an incredible place- amazingly family friendly. They weren’t even the only kids there!) so while they may never remember it in the future (Evvie surely wont), they were part of the process! Out of all of my tattoos, this was the most exciting and least painful. The artist did an excellent job, both in design and execution. He captured exactly what I wanted.

The blackbird now sits on my shoulder, a constant partner and guide- just like my own kids. I’m absolutely in love with it, and Griffin is too. When he sees it, he says “its your bird for Griffin and Evvie!”.


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