This was such an unbelievably beautiful weekend. The kids were feeling better, it was warm and bright, and we spent so much time having fun.

On Saturday we went down to the park and let Griffin use his scooter along the bike path to the playground. The kid is a natural! And he had an absolute blast.

Evvie is a daredevil just like her brother and LOVES to go flying down the slide by herself.

Later that night we colored Easter eggs. Not the easiest task with two kids that want nothing more than to spread dye far and wide. They had a great time though, the eggs turned out beautifully, and only a few articles of clothing were ruined.

Then yesterday the Easter bunny came! Griffin and Evvie got to hunt for eggs and treats. They made quite the haul.

And then we had Easter lunch at Grandma and Grandpa’s where we visited, played outside, and found out the Easter bunny had visited again!

We got home with plenty of time to open all the windows and enjoy the breeze before snuggling in to watch Frozen before bed. Awesome weekend, for sure.


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