Coldplay is one of me and Drew’s favorite bands. We own every CD (yes, we still have CDs!), we sing along to every song that comes on the radio, our first dance at our wedding was even to a Coldplay song.

The first I ever heard of the band was hearing Yellow on the radio back in 2000. It was different, haunting, stunningly beautiful, and heartbreakingly romantic. I heard that song and imagined what my life would be like with my soulmate.

At the time, I was single. It would still be nearly 3 years before I would meet Drew.

Fourteen years after hearing the song for the first time, I still feel the same feelings that I did then. It moves me, it inspires me. Only now I hear it and think of Drew.

Today is our nine year wedding anniversary. So much about our lives is different than when we met. So much is better, bigger, filled with love and light, and meaning. So much is yellow.

Drew isn’t perfect and neither am I. But together, we are exactly what we are meant to be. I am so proud of the man, husband and father he has become. I am proud of the woman, wife, and mother he has supported me in evolving into. So it’s true- look at those stars. Look how they shine.


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