School’s Out for Summer…

I have an end of the year report due tomorrow.
I have a presentation on Thursday that I still need to put together.
I have to write my performance evaluation by the end of the week.
I have to schedule all 45 sections of my class on Friday.
I have to write someone else’s evaluation by next Tuesday.
In between are all the other random daily tasks we all have to get done.
For it being summer session, I’m weirdly busy. And it is for PRECISELY that reason that I am procrastinating like crazy. It’s nice outside, the flowers are blooming, and I have spring fever.

So here are some of the things that have been going on lately:

  • Evvie has Hand Foot & Mouth Disease. AGAIN. There are lots of strains, so you can get it over and over. And then apparently, on top of that, she had the stomach flu the past few days. Poor poor baby. But ENOUGH. Seriously, daycare germs. We’re DONE for the summer, kay? Thanks.
  • ¬†Bonus of the above: I got to find out that the quilt my mom made is washable! I had to remove kid puke and was so worried it would fall apart. Instead, it just got really soft! So, yay!
  • following treating TWO kids with splinters, Drew has decided to seal and repair the deck and patio. It’s turned out to be a large-ish undertaking, but it’s looking good so far!
  • we’re having family pictures taken this weekend. the first professional shots since Evvie has been born! Hoping the kids cooperate…
  • Drew has finally worn me down and convinced me to get rid of our bar (because Evvie is CONSTANTLY trying to smash wine glasses) and our china cabinet (because it is just too big for the space). I am very sad about both. He DID find me acceptable replacements, the downside is that I now have TWO china cabinets in my living room until someone freaking buys our old one on CraigsList
  • CraigsList, as it turns out, is a blessing and a curse.
  • My grandma was in town last week, so I got to take the kids over to see her. For her age and all she has gone through, she looks AMAZING and acts so young. I hope I grow old as gracefully. I’m glad I got to spend some time with her, and that the kids got to see her again. At this stage in life, you never know how many more of those visits you get to have.
  • Evvie has started visiting in the toddler room! She’ll be moving up by the end of the spring. I cant believe it. I really cant.
And, of course, other things too. But I suppose now it’s time to start crossing off some to-dos!


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