Happy Thoughts


There is lots of good happening right now. It’s important that I remember that when sadness creeps in.

My family is happy and healthy! Both kids are enjoying the warm weather and all the fun that it brings. Griffin gets to have “splash day” once a week at school where they set them loose with sprinklers, water tables, kiddie pools etc. He LOVES it. I wish I got to have splash day once a week. He is also, apparently, very popular. Whenever we ask who his best friend is, he says “well, everyone likes me…” ha!  Evvie has been transitioning into the toddler room which means she gets to go play outside too! Such a big kid. It is also where she practices her pro walking moves. She’s definitely hot stuff!

We’re looking forward to seeing some Ohio family two weeks from now! Betsy, Guy, Cory, Steve & William are all coming to visit and go to Angela & Jacob’s wedding. Griffin is especially excited as he has a whole slew of toys he cant wait to show William. Drew and I are excited that we’ve been able to find babysitters so that we can actually attend all of the wedding events. It’s not very often (or ever) that we need to leave the kids two nights in a row!

Work has continued to be exciting. I will start the process of getting MBTI Certified in a week. The course is 45 hours covering the psychology, methodology, interpretation and usage behind the Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator. Next month I’ll be getting Mental Health First Aid certified, as well as attending a 5 day conference on student success & retention. I also had an AWESOME review last week and I am up for a significant raise! In the meantime I’m working with faculty all across campus to develop and co-write interesting lesson plans for my class. I love my job.

At home, we’ve been going through a major purge. I don’t know if it is the warm weather, or the kids getting older, but I was just feeling cluttered. So I’ve been getting rid of EVERYTHING that doesn’t fit/ doesn’t get used/ doesn’t work for us anymore. Some has been sold, some has been donated, some has been thrown away, but it’s such a good feeling. I’m feeling lighter already!

And this weekend we have all kinds of fun things planned for what should be a beautiful couple of days.

Life really is good. Very, very good.


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