good vs evil

A few days ago I made dinner like I always do- and it was nothing fancy. I cant even remember what we ate! But out of the blue, Griffin said “I love you mommy. Thank you for being such a good mommy and taking care of us. You made such a good dinner!” He rarely offers up compliments like that, so I completely melted! Such a sweet boy and such an awesome way to end my day.


On the opposite side of that spectrum, he was laying in bed last night long after being tucked in, and started yelling “daddy! DADDY! I need you!” I figured he just wanted to beg for a snack or a drink like usual. Drew walked in and asked what Griffin needed to which he replied “I dont love you.” So, basically he beckoned Drew to his room just to be a giant jerk.


Ahhh… the joys of parenting a 3 year old.


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