It’s been awhile, but I wanted to post about our holiday! On the actual 4th, Drew wasn’t feeling too well (turns out he has strep throat) so we kept it low key. We skipped cookouts and the annual Golden Independence Day festival in favor of relaxing at home. We did take a quick drive up to El Dorado Springs. What a cool little town! Ever see Eldorado Springs water in the grocery store? Same place- it actually is bottled straight from the artisanal wells here. The town itself is the size of a postage stamp, but so much history and character. While we were there, we saw the Eldorado Swimming Pool– a HUGE old timey pool, also totally fed by the springs! We will have to visit again soon to swim. So glad we went- and only 20 minutes away!

That night, we let Griffin stay up for the first time to watch fireworks. He LOVED it, and thought it was just amazing how all those colors just showed up in the sky. Drew had prepped him for them being loud and potentially scary, but Griffin was totally fine the whole time. Griffin has a tendency to be rather fearless (much to our dismay).

photo 1

Griffin was in the process of slowly falling down the stairs. Please ignore Drew’s scary outfit.

photo 2

front yard fireworks with daddy

photo 3

the “M” on Mt. Zion was lit red, white & blue!

photo 4

our view

The next day, we got up and went to the farmers market (as per usual). This week was especially good though because Palisade Peaches are finally in! Oh, man… those things are the true Colorado gold. We bought 2 1/2 pounds, and they’re already gone. Cant wait for more! After that, Drew had to work and one of my friends came over to hang out for a bit. And, of course later there were popsicles on the porch (and Evvie trying to make friends with the neighbors).

Sunday was Drew’s birthday!! I promised he could have whatever he wanted for breakfast, be it home-made, from a restaurant, whatever his heart desired. His choice? Dunkin’ Donuts! So we drove out to our old hood to pick up a dozen, and from there we headed to Trader Joe’s (what a good husband, right?) Griffin is insanely in love with TJ’s- though I think it may have been based on the fact that he had his own little cart to push around. Regardless, he became a wreck when it was time to leave, and he made me promise that we’d take him back next week! Soon after, my parents came over with my Aunt Chris (all the way from NY!) to celebrate Drew’s birthday and visit with the kids. Drew made out like a bandit (specifically with yet ANOTHER power tool), so he ended the day happy!

Drew’s on antibiotics so I’m hoping we have a fairly normal and playful summer weekend coming up, starting with the Western Street Fair on Friday night!




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