Ticket to Mohio

Griffin tells us constantly that he and Evvie are going to “Mohio”. Especially when Evvie is running around like a crazy person and I say “where are you going?” Griff’s answer 100% of the time: Mohio.

This reached a fever pitch after our family visit a few weeks ago. Now Griff VERY seriously wants to go to Mohio ASAP. The other day this happened:

Griffin- mommy! Can we go on a plane to Mohio?

Me- YES! One day we will totally take a plane to Ohio. It will be lots of fun!

Griffin- When? Today? Let’s go now!

Me- nooo… maybe sometime next summer! Or the summer after! We will have to see!

Griffin- NO! We should go today. There is a plane going there today.

Me- I’m sure there is! But we don’t have tickets for it!

Griffin- I HAVE A TICKET!!! *runs into his room & shuffles things around* Here you go, mommy!

photo (10)

ticket to Mohio is suspiciously like an expired ticket to the museum.


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