Self Preservation

Today marks the beginning of a LONG couple of weeks. I will be working 60 hours easily- including Saturday and Sunday- between all of my training, advising, and orientation obligations. On top of that, I am entering into my final phase of MBTI certification (and I’m VERY behind), Drew has drama going on at work, and the kids and the house need their regular care. It’s just a lot. I’ll get through it, of course- I do every year. Unfortunately, that means I’m dreaming for September to come!

In the meantime,there are some small things I have done or plan on doing as a means of self-care (aka so I don’t freak out and collapse):

1. WINE. I don’t drink a lot, but a nice glass of wine after a particularly stressful day & the kids are in bed allows me to quickly unwind and just be present at home

2. Food prep. I have my lunches for the week ready to go, and I have already put together most of the family’s dinners. This way I don’t need to worry about Drew freaking himself out (and therefore freaking me out) over cooking. He never has any idea what to make or how to follow a recipe, so the easier the better this week.

3. Writing. I still plan on blogging and writing in my gratitude journal as much as possible this week. It helps me so much to have a place for my thoughts.

4. Walks. Getting away from work and getting my blood pumping will be a MUST this week- so short walks whenever I can get them in will happen for sure.

5. Letting things go. I start to get antsy when the house messy, the dishes aren’t done, laundry is piling up… I just get a pass over the next 10 days. Things aren’t going to be perfect. That’s ok.

6. Snuggling my babies. Loving on them more than directing or correcting them. I’m going to miss them SO MUCH this week. The mornings are going to be big time bonding for me.

photo (13)

Best Snuggle Bugs Ever.

I will try not to drown myself in gelato as well. We’ll see how that goes.

*this post was part of the CG Write your Face Off Event


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