One of my favorite students is from the UK, and he told me that one of the things he’s having a hard time getting used to is how Americans say “fall” instead of “Autumn”, and that we should really use a proper title for a season as opposed to a verb. Ha! I told him I’d try to make his transition a bit easier by throwing Autumn out there every chance I get, but that I cant help him with his other struggle (the centimeters to inches conversion). My students are on their own with anything mathy.

Last weekend was absolutely spectacular. It was in the upper 70s and sunny, with cool breezes and pretty falling leaves. We took advantage of that (and the fact that we had no other engagements) to do all kinds of fun things! On Saturday morning, we went to Target to get the kids’ costumes. I was going to make them this year, but Griffin dragged his feet too long and changed his mind too many times, so store-bought it is. After lots of back and forth (all involving super heroes, of course) Griffin decided on Wolverine. It IS a pretty cool costume, even if there will be a zillion Wolverines this year.



Since Evvie didn’t care at all what costume she got, we bought her the most HILARIOUS garden gnome outfit, complete with beard! I am in love with it. Evvie, as it turns out, not so much. She shrieks every time we put it on, and claws it off of her. I’m hoping she leaves it all on long enough for trick or treating! Or at least a picture.

After getting costumes, we went to our usual pumpkin patch- Munson Farms! The kids had a BLAST running around the fields, looking at the scare crows, and picking out their pumpkins. Griffin was a whiz at the corn maze and got us out in record time! The farm owners loved the kids and gave them each a free apple from their orchard (which they immediately devoured). Neither of them wanted to go home! We havent carved the pumpkins yet since our squirrels have a habit of eating the pumpkin faces off before Halloween if we carve too early. We’re planning to do that on Thursday!

10783_10202884743222035_6586527948739984965_n 68131_10202884740661971_2432365706727281665_n 10417727_10202884744022055_4500680628441927279_n 10450524_10202884739461941_3721743337501204341_n 10590468_10202884743462041_7448649952143504322_n 10731120_10202884742982029_165453466075662345_n

Later that night after the kids went to bed, I picked my mom up and took her on a Haunted Denver ghost tour for her birthday! We had SO MUCH FUN. We spent the evening walking from mansion to mansion in Capitol Hill while our adorable tour guide told us the creepy history associated with them. We didnt see any ghosts, but I do know a lot more about the city now!


On Sunday, we woke up early and drove down to Colorado Springs and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. This is our favorite zoo EVER. There are lots of zoos that are bigger, or have more animals, but this one is so unique! It’s built onto the side of a mountain, so the rocks & crags are built into most of the habitats. They have an awesome Rocky Mountain section with lots of mountain lions, moose, porcupines, bears, coyotes etc- so it was cool to be able to tell our kids that we share our state with those animals! And then they have some other really awesome exhibits like the giant gorilla habitat and the giraffe habitat where you can hand feed them lettuce!

10354585_10202891452349759_4573055820776634362_n 10603244_10202891451309733_1747207220461470869_n

While we were there, we went up to the Will Rodgers Shrine of the Sun, which is basically a castle on the top of the mountain. To get there, you actually have to drive through the zoo (which felt a bit weird) and up a bunch of twists and turns. But the castle was SO cool- especially for the kids- and the views were stunning.

63733_10202891460869972_5917010074023624308_n 1655988_10202891457829896_2732137577298535906_n 1891104_10202891454949824_6811306297967234638_n 1904258_10202891472910273_5354776821658776355_n 1922250_10202891454029801_4560220998633504272_n 1959308_10202891458509913_5066855699053048762_n 10421962_10202891472310258_60262204981009200_n 10659380_10202891473390285_1206114234119871990_n 10712724_10202891459429936_7075905552088776703_n

When we came back down, we also took the kids on the zoo sky ride which is basically a ski lift that goes to the top of a different mountain. That was also awesome and gave is some incredible views! But that was also a bit scarier, and while Griffin was REALLY good, Drew said he had to squeeze the life out of Evvie to make sure she didnt jump out!


So now we’re back to the grind. I am in the midst of seemingly never-ending pre-registration advising. We have 1800 students to get through over the course of 3 weeks. Sigh. Drew is working a ton of overtime, as per usual. And the kids are learning a ton at school! Griffin comes home every day with new facts, and Evvie is talking more and more every day!


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