Changing of the Seasons

We have had the longest and most beautiful falls I can remember. Usually by now, we’ve had at least one major snow storm and the leaves would be long gone. This year our breezes stayed warmer, the frost never came, and while most leaves have fallen, there are still the occasional glimpses of yellow and orange.

It’s been so unseasonably warm, that we’ve spent most of our weekends outside, and this weekend was no exception. Today we gathered the kids up as soon as breakfast was over, and headed up to Dedisse Park in Evergreen.

I love the trails at Dedisse, and Drew and I have hiked there several times. We just realized today though, that we’ve never been there with kids! I can hardly believe it’s been that long.

Evvie fell asleep almost immediately, but at least she got to enjoy some nice piney mountain air! Griffin is SUCH a big kid & decided to hike the two miles by himself! He did a GREAT job and only needed one little break. Highlights of hiking with Griff included showing him where the fairies live, tucked away in rock outcroppings and pine groves, teaching him how to pee outside (first time for everything!) and having him say “mommy- you’re my best bud.” He even got his very own walking stick!





According to the meteorologists, winter is coming for us next week. Today’s 70 and sunny will shortly be 20s and snow. I can hardly believe it. But while I am NOT ready for winter, I am so very thankful for the long, perfect fall we’ve had, and all the adventures my little family has had along the way.


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