One Eyed Willie



Almost two weeks ago, we noticed that Scarlett’s eye looked a bit funny. Then the next day we noticed a big lump on top of her head & her eye was actually a bit bulgy. I rushed her into the vet and as soon as she walked in, she said “oh, you poor puppy! Look at that eye!” There was definitely something wrong.

The vet said that things actually looked good as eye function. No glaucoma or blindness, and there doesn’t appear to be any pain. She thinks Scarlett suffered some kind of head trauma resulting in a subdural hematoma. My guess is from running head first into the fence trying to get at the neighbor’s dogs. Apparently, the pressure from the blood collecting in her head would be causing the lump and the bulgy eye. The vet gave us some steroids and antibiotics and told us she thought Scarlett would be fine and to let her know if it got any worse, or if it didn’t look any better after two weeks.

We’re nearing the two week mark and she looks pretty much the same to me. Luckily, it doesn’t seem to affect her personality at all. She still has a good appetite, follows us around, barks at the neighbors- the usual. I’m hoping that means she’s not in any pain. If things continue this way, she’ll be going back to the vet next week for some testing.

Evvie and Griffin have both been SO good about being nice and gentle with Scarlett. We explained that she has an “owie” and might not want to play, so Evvie just gives her super soft hugs whenever she sees her, and Griffin leaves her alone completely (a first for him).

While I’m nearly positive she’ll be fine, it has made me realize, yet again, that we should never take our loved ones for granted- not even our furry ones. So she’s been getting lots of extra snacks and scratches behind the ears too.


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