Griffin has two BFFs that he’s known since they were all 6 months old. They started daycare together and had been pretty much inseparable ever since.

In the fall when preschool started, his two friends left and went to a different school. Griffin was SO SAD. He still has friends at our school, but he would come home and talk about how much he missed Brandon and Tanner.

A few weeks ago, we got invited to Brandon’s birthday party at Jumpstreet. Drew & I had no idea how much this would mean to Griffin, but it was literally all he could talk about. Every night he would ask what our plans were for that day, and the next, and the next, until finally it was Brandon’s party. He literally counted down the days.

When it was time to get ready for the party today, Drew and I were a little “meh” about the whole thing. We actually really like all the kids & parents that were going to be there, but we also knew that these types of things have a tendency to be intense. And while we were right about that- oh, man. Was it worth it.

I get to see Griffin happy a lot. He’s a happy kid. But today I saw absolute joy on his face. Hanging out with his close, comfortable friends, running around like maniacs… It was perfect. He looked up at me at one point and said “mommy, I LOVE this.” I said “what part?” And he said “all of it.”

I would do anything to see him that happy over and over again. That’s why we parent, right?


Evvie’s BFF happens to be Brandon’s little sister, Hadley. They’re only a week apart, and they adore each other. So Evvie had a blast too. Although I think she was just as happy about the cupcakes.


Friends are so important. My babies already have it figured out.


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