Busy Weekend

This weekend was sort of a whirlwind, but we all had a lot of fun! My excitement started at work on Friday. I helped with our pre-finals workshop and went to the President’s Christmas party, like I do every year. The party is always a bit awkward, though I do think it’s so nice of them to do it. And the spiked egg nog helps.


half of the CASA staff in front of the President’s mansion


I love our students

After work, Drew and I took the kids to the annual Golden Candlelight Walk & holiday lighting. I love that event and it makes my heart so happy every year. I think Evvie was a little confused by the whole thing, and she ended up having a bit of a temper tantrum at the end. Griffin was on his BEST behavior though. I was so proud.


all the tiny glowing lights in the middle of this picture are people with candles walking down the hill. I never get a picture that really captures the beauty!





After the walk and getting the kids into bed, I went BACK to work to serve our students food at the Moonlight Breakfast. It’s a fun study break for them every semester before finals start. This semester I got to serve alongside our Provost who is HILARIOUS. We spent the evening joking back and forth. I had a blast.

On Saturday morning, we went up to Evergreen to get our Christmas tree! We stopped along the way to pick up the kids’ painted ornaments, but sadly the store was unexpectedly closed. We’ll have to go up AGAIN next weekend. But we picked out a gorgeous Canaan fir, and the kids had a blast running around the lot and harassing the owners for free candy!

Later that night, Angela and Jacob came over for dinner. Griffin had been talking about it all week, so he was thrilled to see them anyway, but he was especially excited once he realized they had brought Christmas presents! The kids had so much fun laughing and playing with them- and we had even more fun once the kids went to bed and we got to stay up late talking! We’re so thankful to have them nearby.


And then on Sunday we got to put out all of our decorations! It’s been unseasonably warm lately, so hard to get into the spirit, but now it is definitely starting to feel like Christmas at home!


treeWe spent the rest of the day watching football, reading, and playing games. Angela & Jacob brought the kids this Gone Fishin’ game that I had as a kid and had completely forgotten about until I saw it again! The kids love it, but I could seriously play it for hours!


The next few weeks at work are going to be pretty quiet and fun, and we have all kids of stuff planned for the weekends. I love the holidays!




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