Deep Thoughts by Griffin Keefer

Yesterday, Griffin came home from school and excitedly told me he wanted to be an artist when he grew up! I was thrilled because not only was this the first “when I grow up” conversation he’s initiated, but also because- ARTIST! Left brains unite! So I asked him what kind of artist he wanted to be. The following conversation ensued:

Griffin: I want to make letters. For all kinds of people.

Me: letters? Like ABC? Or like writing letters for people to read?

Griffin: to read. And I want to deliver them, with packages from my truck every day.

Me: umm… you want to deliver packages & letters? Are you thinking of a mail carrier?

Griffin: hmmm… what kind of trucks to artists drive?

Me: uhhh… I dont know, bud. Artsits paint or draw or sculpt and make things for people to look at. I guess they could drive whatever kinds of trucks they wanted to own.

Griffin: mail carrier. I definitely want to be a mail carrier.



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