IMG_1740Dear Griffin,

With everything going on, I didn’t write your birthday letter on time. It’s pretty par for the course, I suppose. And I think you’re getting used to how things roll around here- they happen when they happen. What matters is that you’re loved. And loved you ARE. Your dad and I say all the time how lucky we are to have you. And it’s amazing just how much we love you. More than we ever knew our hearts could hold. That is, of course, in between telling each other about how tired and frustrated we can be because of having you in our lives too, but that’s all part of the package. We’ll take it.


I am amazed at just how much you’ve matured over the past several months. All of a sudden you’re my little buddy. We can have whole conversations, I can seek your opinion on things, we talk about the meaning of things and how events might make someone feel. You’re exceptionally attuned to the feelings of others. When I dropped you off for school before leaving for my Uncle’s funeral, you said “I’m sorry I can’t go with you, mommy. Who will hug you when you’re sad?”


You’re getting really good with your writing. The other day you wrote “Drew” on a card all by yourself. Although, you should know that Daddy actually prefers being called “Daddy” and not “Drew” or “Doodie-Butt” as you have taken to doing recently.


Evvie is still your very best friend and nothing makes me happier. You definitely have your sibling squabbles (complete with pushing, screaming, and tears on all sides) but you also genuinely like spending time with her. You make each other laugh, you love making up weird games together, you always hold her hand, and lately you’ve been putting shows she likes on my ipad so you can sit and watch them together. You’re such a good brother.


Of course you are a strong willed four year old, so life isn’t always easy. You will tell us no and mean it. You will throw giant screaming tantrums when things don’t go your way. And we’ve found out lately that you enjoy testing authority at school. These things are NOT ok, and we struggle with it. Daddy and I have tried everything from direct talks, to time out, to taking privileges away. We’re not sure than any of it is right. But what frustrates us more than anything is that we know you ARE such a good, sweet, smart boy and that those actions don’t reflect you at all. We want everyone to see the wonderful person that we get to see.


But we are lucky that those struggles are becoming fewer and farther between as time goes on. For the most part you are just spunky and hilarious. The other night as I was putting you to bed, you asked for a cup of milk. I told you that you could have water, but that your dentist said you shouldn’t have milk before bed. You said “ok, but how would he know? Is he watching me right now like Santa?”


You are a huge cuddlebug. You love laying with us and watching movies, you need big hugs when I drop you off at school, and you still love to be held. This makes me so happy, since I feel like you’re growing up way too fast. Holding you lets me hang on just a little longer. But as you know, since I tell you all the time, you can get as big as you want, you’ll still be my baby.


You’re a HUGE family guy. You get so excited when it’s time to go to Grandma & Grandpa’s. You are thrilled beyond belief that Grammy is coming to visit soon. You were so proud that Papa knew you were big enough to deserve a real Broncos jersey. You love hearing stories and seeing pictures of Uncle Brian, Aunt Heather, Aunt Cory, and Uncle Steve. And Oh, man- you think William is the absolute coolest. You know them all and you ask about them often. I love that you care about your people, near and far.


You’re also a huge helper. You love helping me make dinner, helping me with projects, helping to get Evvie ready for school. You’ll do pretty much any small task- except clean up your own toys and messes. Apparently that is where you draw the line.


You are the sweetest, smartest, most handsome young boy. I love you so. My every day life is better for having you in it. I’m so lucky that you chose us.

love, mama


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