I cant tell you how many times I open this page to write something and then get overwhelmed or interrupted before any words are typed. So much happens around here so quickly that I can’t keep up. When I do get a moment to share, I struggle with what gets to be recorded, how I can possibly synthesize a month of events, conversations, changes and feelings into a paragraph. I can’t, of course. Not well, anyway. So I’ll just let go of capturing “all” and be content with being able to capture “some”.

Yesterday (the day after I went for a run in nearly 70 degree weather) we had another snow day. This had all of campus praising our new President given that we went years with no closures at all, and now all of a sudden we’ve had two. This one was necessary though as we had a record breaking and news making blizzard that shut down highways, stores, and the entire airport. Griffin and Evvie’s school actually closed for the first time ever due to weather! So we had a very lazy day filled with snacking and napping and reading and movies. Drew had to work, of course, and I was nervous about him being out and about but he made it home all in one piece!

FullSizeRender (1)

The mail man got stuck in front of our house. I was actually surprised to see him out at all, but I guess neither snow nor rain nor heat and all that…

Digging the car out this morning was AWFUL and I sliced my hand open in the process, but I was SO GLAD to be back to work this morning! I am just not good at having unstructured time off alone with the kids. I love them so much, but I am really bad at entertaining them for long stretches.

The day before the crazy snow, Griffin had his VERY FIRST FIELD TRIP!!! He and 10 of his buddies took a bus to the Museum of Nature and Science. They got to see dinosaur bones, mummies, chocolate being made, how stars are born, and experiment with water. He was SO EXCITED for weeks leading up to it. But the best part for Griffin? The school bus. Hands down. He LOOOOOOVED the school bus.


My Big Kid on field trip day!

I went to the ACPA Annual Conference in Montreal two weeks ago. It was an INCREDIBLE trip, and professionally, my best conference experience ever. I was elected to the ACPA Commission for Admissions, Orientation & First Year Experience directorate board this fall, so this was my first working meeting with the group! I learned so much about myself and my career trajectory while I was there, all the while making new friends and connections… and touring around Montreal, of course!


One thought on “Some

  1. aandj8804 says:

    Love the scenes from your tour of Montreal! So pretty!

    I can definitely understand going “crazy” with unstructured time with kids during a snow day. You can’t even really get out of the house to do anything. You are just stuck inside all day. … Maybe convince them to help you clean? 😉 They will never complain of having nothing to do again!

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