This is a big week for us! Most importantly,it was Griffin’s first full week of elementary school! His first day was actually last Thursday, but they did a slow transition so it was only a half day, and he didn’t go back on Friday. But starting Monday it was the Real Deal complete with a backpack full of papers & packing his lunch every night! Griffin has been ready for months, so he handled the change like a champ. On his very first day I got him all settled and asked him if he wanted me to stay for a few more minutes and he goes “uhh… NO. I can take care of myself, mommy.” TEARS. Today when we got to school, he told me I didnt have to come in with him because he knew the way. SO I left him at the front door with his buddies and felt so amazingly proud and so incredibly sad all at once.

Then, yesterday was MY first day of school! I am officially pursuing my doctorate in Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership with the University of Northern Colorado (so when I reference UNC, you can be 99% sure I’m not talking about a Tar Heel). I’m excited and terrified and proud and really,really stressed out- but it is a new chapter in my life which is pretty cool. I’m taking 2 classes this semester (and probably will every semester until I die) so it’s going to be a huge adjustment as far as time management. Drew has been a CHAMP so far though and has totally stepped up with housework, taking care of the kids, preparing things for the following day,etc. I’m so lucky.

Work has been incredibly busy as well with typical beginning of the year preparations. I led Peer Mentor training all last week, and the students were back as of Monday! All the new first year students are in freak out mode over their schedules, so my email has been blowing up amid walk-in appointments. And I’m teaching two classes this semester (both on Tuesdays) so yesterday was INTENSE.

Of course on top of all of this (or because of it) the whole family has a nasty cold and we’ve all been tired & crabby. Except for Drew who has avoided it thus far and wont come within 10 feet of any of us.


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